PLOTOTECH – An innovative Software House

We believe in simple yet advanced technology. Our software & websites are independent of screen resolution

You can use the software on modern digital HD LEDs or on low resolution mobile & you will find our software optimized for all of your screens & hardware.

Web Development

We develope today world's most useable mobile friendly websites. Our research has developed methods to use modren web 2.0 technology elegantly fast

Rich GUI Software

Our software are baked with extreme graphics but yet so simple that all you want is just a click, and the intellegince of our software will do the work for you.

Plototech – Software for your Future

Plototech is not only a software house but a complete solution for your new (technology) world. We have Software Engineers of extreme intelligence who work day and night to develop algorithms to make software behave intelligently and robustly fast.
We follow standard software development protocols & Software Development Life Cycles in our software & web developments.
Our software are simple but yet their technology is advance enough that you can think of them as space advanced technology, they do much more than you desire.

What we can do

Software Development

Web Designs

Facebook & Google Marketing

Branded SMS

Website Hosting & Domain Registration


Our clients are happy ones. They are satisfied with what they ask and that’s what we deliver. Our highly skilled developers and programmers work not only to create your software but they have a passion that their work can help you to solve your problems.

Our Software Process

We follow fairly simple methodology with clients to help them discover their needs and what they are expecting & what they can also avail from the software

  • Exploring Client Needs

    We explore client needs, make him comfortable with the system, assist him understanding software he wants.

  • Documenting Requirements

    We document all requirements of the client and any necessary requirement we consider beneficial for client. We also create simple Use Case diagrams to provide initial glimpse of the system to client.

  • Code

    When SRS is approved we buckle up our gears and start creating the awesome i.e. your software. With a dedicated team of programers, designers and engineers we finish your software in time with grace.

  • Celebrate

    Software is more than what you imagine, and so simple that you cannot resist its beauty & intelligence. Yes this is the phase where you enjoy your cup of tea with the software for your future.